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Detailed View

"Clear Future" - See your future to age 100 clearly in 15 minutes!

During our introductory meeting, we will use a proprietary tool that provides a holistic perspective and framework for your BIG PICTURE. While answering your most pressing questions, we will help reduce your mental clutter, help you remember your strengths, and clarify your actions for financial and personal success.

"Cash Flow Maximizer" - Rule #1 spend less than you make.

In addition to identifying your most valued goals, we will conduct an examination of income, expenses, and debt. This analysis, and the interactive worksheets that accompany it, help reveal the ideal strategies to strengthen your financial situation. The “Wall Monitor” is an advanced, interactive tool that assesses your unique life circumstances and quickly runs multiple real life "what if" scenarios. This inspires the most effective financial decisions quickly.

The Cash Flow Maximizer will help you…  

  • Maximize your severance package, 401(k), pension, and stock plan
  • Get clear on your monthly budget
  • Manage irregular expenses & taxes
  • Determine how best to buy a franchise, fund a new or existing business
  • Stay on track to pursue your goals

"Worry Minimizer" - Great for all areas of your life!

You’re not alone! While everyone worries, not everyone takes action to find answers that build confidence. At The BIG PICTURE Group, we believe it is important to identify what worries you and to understand the things that you may not be aware of that threaten your financial freedom.

In this step of the process, you will learn the four biggest risks to your retirement that must be planned for to ensure success. We will also create a specific action plan and timeline that reduces your worries and builds confidence in other areas of your life.

 "Wealth Choice Expander" - Learn the options that pensions, trusts and wealthy individuals consider.

Here, you will learn about the strategies to help gain wealth and financial independence. In addition to discussing the most common strategies, we will also reveal some lesser known, alternative strategies available to you. As an independent firm, we have access to a wide variety of strategies that may not be available to other competitors.

To help simplify the multitude of choices on the market, we will introduce the important concept of the four investment “wrappers.” Learn about different options in the financial world, and get clear on what is possible and prudent for your personal BIG PICTURE.

"Financial Freedom Strategy" - Have a clear plan that help protect your lifestyle and be free to enjoy life.

With this step, you will learn about the various strategies to gain wealth and financial independence. The Financial Freedom Solution is a clearly defined, easy-to-understand roadmap that helps you:

  • See your choices and strategies
  • See the customization of your plan
  • Enjoy the confidence of having a comprehensive financial solution
  • Envision the path toward to reaching your goals

"Success Navigator" - Real time monitoring; meaningful and simple- in one place.

Given there is nothing permanent except change, the Success Navigator is a living document that provides you real-time information in a format of your choosing so we can monitor your results and make necessary changes. We offer customized reports (examples available), encrypted private client access to on-demand reporting, paperless statements via e-mail, and more. At this meeting, we will document your preferences to ensure we are clear on your expectations.  

As part of your Big Picture solution, we can also provide referrals to a network of tax and legal professionals to help you navigate your success.

Disclaimer: Investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss.